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CushyStudio is the cross-platform tool that makes interacting with generative AI easy and fun for artists and creatives. It provides all the tools required to work with Generative AI in a unified and extensible environment, be it Image, Video, or 3d. CushyStudio empowers professional and amateurs alike, no matter their skill level.

Artistry Made Accessible

Cushy makes your idea alive, and easy to use though Simle user interfaces that simplify the magic of generative art for everyone. Discover the perfect app to suit your creative needs within the expansive Cushy Library. Whether you're seeking versatile, general-purpose Apps or highly specialized ones tailored to specific creative purposes, you'll find them here.

Once you've crafted your masterpiece, share it with the world by adding it to the Cushy App Library.

CushySDK: Empowering Your Creativity

Unleash your creativity even further with the CushySDK, your ultimate toolkit for automating tasks and addressing specific use cases. Build your very own generative art applications that align with your vision and requirements. CushyStudio equips you with a range of power-user tools and resources, helping you bring your ideas to life.

It builds on ComfyUI and streamlines its complex node-based workflow, transforming your workflow into user-friendly "apps" featuring menus, sliders, and dialogue boxes. This design shift enables users to focus more on their creative projects and less on the intricacies of navigating through node graphs to access necessary information.

Made for the future

Join us on this journey into the future of generative art, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you're an artist, developer, or enthusiast, Cushy Studio invites you to explore, create, and share the incredible world of Generative AI Art.

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