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Will CushyStudio remain open source and free?

Absolutely! CushyStudio is committed to remaining 100% open source and free to use as a creative tool. Whether you're crafting assets, art, games, or any other creative work, CushyStudio is here to support your vision.

Why the AGPL and not the GPLV3?

For now, CushyStudio is licensed under AGPL (Affero General Public License) as part of a long-term strategy aimed at ensuring the project's sustainability. There are plans to transition to GPLV3 (GNU General Public License Version 3) in the future, once the project has established a stable foundation. This choice is made to safeguard the project and its dedicated community, with a primary focus on preventing unauthorized resale or commercialization of CushyStudio as a service.

Any plans for a paid version of CushyStudio?

No, there are no plans for a paid version of CushyStudio. It will always remain free and open source. While there may be plans to offer complementary services, such as cloud GPU services, the core functionality of CushyStudio will remain freely accessible to all users. The aim is to ensure that CushyStudio is not used for unauthorized resale or commercialization as a service.

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