Intro to Generative AI

##This might end up being it's own top level section if there is too much information. This page or section will contain:

  • The Timeline of Generative AI, including the technologies that came and went, GAN, Diffusers, Etc

  • A very brief overview of other frontends, very superficially, we aren't here to bash on other projects.

  • A general overview of different model architectures along with their pros and cons.

  • A general overview of LoRAs, Lycoris, LoCON, Hypernetworks and TIs

  • Key concepts that are required for working with Generateive AI such as Prompting, CLIP Skip, CFG, ideal resolutions, Upscaling, inpainting, outpainting,

  • Links to resources regarding more in depth articles and papers that describe the technology in depth for people who are interested.

  • Links to valuable tutorials (Or we make our own.)

  • Links to models and resources (Civitai/Tensorart?) Maybe...

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