Contributing on the UI

UI Technologies

CushyStudio UI is done with React, Mobx, DaisyUI, Tailwind and a lot of custom-made components.

Code is pretty clean and fairly standard, but understanding Mobx is required, since the whole application is relying on mobx a lot.

Hot reloading components

During dev, you must start CushyStudio with the _windows-start-dev.bat or the so Cushy Studio can hot reload your changes.

Components you change in the codebase will be instancly updated in your UI.

Tailwind autocompletion

If you're unfamiliar with tailwind, make sure you have the"bradlc.vscode-tailwindcss vscode extension installed so you have autocompletion for both tailwind classes, and daisyui classes.

The specila `tw` property

most styling can be done though the magical tw property that is injected in all components and helps writing conditional classes, or tailwind classes more easilly. (check the src/utils/custom-jsx/jsx-runtime.js module to look at the implementation)

more generally, please take a look at Setting up VSCodeto ensure you have everything properly hooked up

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