Updating Cushy

CushyStudio updates itself effortlessly. To update:

  1. Close CushyStudio: Ensure CushyStudio is closed before proceeding with the update.

  2. Run the Update Script for Your Platform:

    • For Mac and Linux, execute: _mac-linux-update.sh.

    • For Windows, run: _windows-update.bat.

Risks When Updating

When updating, consider the following risks:

  • Broken Migrations: On every startup, CushyStudio applies new changes to its database, including all migrations. A backup feature will be implemented soon to ensure you never lose your drafts or prompts.

  • App Incompatibility: CushyKit is designed to be robust to breaking changes. Your custom apps should never lose their drafts. However, after an update, you may need to update your custom apps. Sometimes, a built-in app will also be updated.

Updating Manually

When updating manually (e.g., with a git pull or checking out a branch), follow these steps:

  • Run the update script to ensure everything is properly updated.

  • If you're updating manually with a git pull or checking out a branch, you will need to run the install script to install all dependencies correctly.

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